Annually, Doctor's International, Inc. (DI) delivers quality medical care to individuals in nations around the globe. We believe that access to quality health care is a human right and has a tremendous impact on the overall quality of life. The range of services we provide include direct delivery of patient services "on the ground", education and training of local healthcare providers, and the global recruitment of volunteer healthcare professionals & corporate sponsors to help fulfill our mission.

Medical Professional Volunteers

Doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical students, and public health researchers  with a pair of willing hands and the desire to help out in this world are welcome to participate in our medical missions.

We pride ourselves on maximizing the experience of our volunteers to express their particular talents in a way that brings the most help to people in need of medical care.

When are volunteer applications accepted?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We do not offer monetary compensation for volunteers. However, we are willing to work with volunteers on a case-by-case basis to ensure educational credit.

How do I apply for a volunteer position Doctor’s International, Inc.?

Please send your resume and cover letter to  Be sure to include the your professional certifications and dates of availability in the body of your email.

Corporate Sponsors

We welcome corporate partners who wish to help us to fulfill our mission to improve the lives of people around the world through the delivery of quality health services. Some of the ways that corporate sponsors can assist us are:

  • Financial Contributions
  • Direct Donations of Medical Supplies & Equipment
  • Donations of Travel & Logistical Services
  • Host Support of Fundraising & Awareness Campaigns

If your company or organization would like to partner with us please contact us at:

Individual Donors

Small donations from individuals, when pooled together can go along way in helping us deliver healthcare services.  If you believe in what we are doing but don’t have the medical skills or time to volunteer, financial contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated and do make a difference.

You can donate any funds using our Paypal link below.